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Avoid taking Nattokinase before dental procedures

best nattokinaseNattokinase was researched by a Japanese Doctor, Hiroyuki Sumi, who was looking for a natural agent to dissolve blood clots responsible for strokes and heart attacks. In 1980 while working at the Chicago University Medical School, Sumi researched the benefits of Nattokinase.

Dr. Sumi knew that Nattokinase is the result of a traditional Japanese food called Natto that had been fermented by adding Bacillus subtilis to boiled soybeans. For over a thousand years, this was a folk remedy for heart disease especially in the eastern Kanto region of Japan. In Japan, Nattokinase is the medicine of choice for cardiovascular support, but it has also been confirmed that this enzyme will also lower blood pressure.

In 1995, Japanese doctors from Kurashiki University of Science and Arts and Miyazaki Medical College researched the effects of nattokinase on human blood pressure and noted a substantial decrease in blood pressure when administered Nattokinase. Thats why its very important not to use nattokinase before any dental or surgical procedure.

On average, there was a 10.9 percent drop in SBP and a 9.7 percent drop in DBP, thus normalizing blood pressure. It was also noted that Nattokinase dissolves the fibrin in blood vessels keeping them clean for improved blood flow. There are many benefits to Nattokinase including its cost effectiveness, and prolonged positive effects. Because it is food-based dietary supplement that has documented evidence of cardiovascular improvement, it is well worth consideration.