Recycling Your Scrap Catalytic Converter Protects The Environment

The Federal government passed legislation to control vehicle pollutants in the environment. This law requires that all cars built or sold in the U.S. come with a catalytic converter.
Catalytic converters are structured to convert dangerous gases from the exhaust system into naturally occurring carbon dioxide and water.

With pollution quantities increasing, the U.S. government acted to lessen toxic pollutants in the environment. The Nixon Administration created the Environment Protection Agency as part of the Clean Air Act to reduce air pollution. Since 1975, every passenger vehicle has come outfitted along with a catalytic converter.
Catalytic converters are important devices but can fail. These are mechanical devices, and unfortunately, converters do break and must be replaced. The good news is that the scrap converter can be sold for cash. Converters contain a trace amount of precious metals that can be recycled. For a price quote visit Catalytic Converter Recycling with Converter Guy.

If you decide to remove you faulty converter, let your car cool off entirely just before working near the exhaust system. Catalytic converters get hot, up to 1800 degrees, which can cause extremely harmful burns. Better yet, let a professional remove it for you. Converter Guy provides excellent service and pays top price for scrap converters.

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